no space

RAF : knp u xde facebook??

me:  dont know..xminat..waist time..i hv a lot of work to think..n i think fb is the place that everyone trying to curang, to cheat others people

RAF : u can't say that..u know why..xsmuaorg gune fb tuk jalan tu..let say i give u examples..knife..the surgeon used for safe people..but thief used that for killing,ragut,bunuh and using the knife....same thing but they use for diffrence situation..sama cm fb jgk...ade org gune untuk kebaikan such as online butik la..for bussiness..tuk cari kawan2 lame yg da lost ade org yg gune tuk sebaliknya..

me : tp kebanyakkan gune untuk sebaliknye kan??

RAF : depends on situation..

me : i can see keburukkan berbanding kebaikkan...klau ade fb pun bile plak i nk update klau da hr2 ngadap kje dr kul7 -kul9..smp umah pun bnyk lg kje nk buat..weekend pun ad kje jgk..serious...i xde masa..

don't know why hidup i xde space tuk fb..sorry..

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